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Connecticut River Dock & Dredge Inc.


Connecticut River Dock and Dredge uses only the finest, most enduring materials, state of the art as well as time honored marine construction techniques, to build structures that stand up to constant assault. Some of the services provided by Connecticut River Dock and Dredge include:

  • Pile Extraction and Removal

  • Pile Driving

  • Sheet Steel Bulkheads

  • Stone, Concrete, Steel, Timber Construction

  • Framing and Underpinnings

  • Decking and Dock Building

  • Floating Docks and Ramps

  • Boat Lifts

  • Moorings and Recovery

  • Salvage Services

  • Barge and Crane Rental

  • Diving Services

  • Waterfront Structure Relocation

  • Dealer for: HI-TIDE Boat Lifts

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