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Connecticut River Dock & Dredge Inc.



Protecting valuable real estate from wave damage and erosion, as well as the threats from a rising sea level is the first priority for any waterfront property owner. Connecticut River Dock & Dredge offer clients a variety of options to hold back the tides.

With the ever present specter of sea level rise, the threat to property along the Connecticut shoreline is real and mounting. Measured in the Connecticut River, the rate of sea level rise has doubled since 1900 and trippled since Europeans settled the area in the 1600's. Today the sea level is rising 3mm per year on the Connecticut shoreline*. Protecting coastal property from the damaging effects of sea level rise is a specialty of Connecticut River Dock & Dredge.

Our bulkhead, sea wall and soil retentions services include:

  • Wave barriers

  • Recreation of natural waterfront

  • Private and municipal jetty construction

  • Seawall and bulkhead repair or demolition

  • Pile driven sheet steel bulkheads    

  • Wooden bulkheads

  • Stone retaining walls and bulkheads

  • Stone and reinforced concrete jetties

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