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Connecticut River Dock & Dredge Inc.



Connecticut River Dock & Dredge uses only the best quality pilings and underpinnings and a variety of decking materials. Stainless steel and galvanized hardware is employed to stand up to oxidation, while tropical hardwoods and pressure treated lumber maintain their strength and appearance season after season.

Our floating docks and ramps are built to give boat owners safe, comfortable access to their vessels, as well as protect valuable marine equipment from the hardships of wind and wave. Connecticut River Dock & Dredge can winterize and store your floating dock during the off season, and install it again in time to enjoy a full season on the water.

Connecticut River Dock & Dredge's docks often feature:

  • Pressure treated and tropical hardwood pilings

  • Specialized pile driving

  • Ice protection technology

  • Superior framing materials and hardware

  • Pressure treated, Composite or Ipe decking

  • Wave barriers

  • Wood and metal steps and railings

  • Boat lifts and swim ladders

  • Power Pedestals

  • Stainless or Galvanized hardware

  • Electrical, plumbing and accent lighting

  • Aluminum ramps with rollers to floating docks

  • Floating docks of all sizes and configurations

  • Plastic or foam flotation material

  • Bumpers and rub guards

  • And many more standard and custom features available.

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